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Term & Conditions
  • Reservations no later than three days before the date of departure


  • The down payment is 50% off the total price


  • The down payment need to be transferred to the following bank account number:

          Bank BCA:

          A/c: 4930199058

          A/n: PARDI SUPARDI


  • The reservation will be confirmed after the down payed is received


  • The rest off the payment need to be payed before departure at Carita


  • No  matter what reason, it is not possible to refund the down payment


  • We are not responsible for any damaged, lost or broken personal belonging, we recommend you to take your own travel insurance


  • Tippings are welcome, but not required


  • Meal, fruit and drinks are included


  • We except dollars or euros, but we prefer Indonesian rupiah


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