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Visit Krakatau Volcano Indonesia is one of local tour operators located in Carita Beach established in 2009. We strongly emphasize Professionalism, comfort and security.
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We provide picking-up from Jakarta and Airport by Private Car with professional driver even we can pick you up anywhere depends on request.
Private Tour
You will feel satisfied during the tour, because we do not be joined with other visitor. You will spend time at Krakatau until you feel satisfied as long as you want.
All of our guides will give you good service during the tour and they will give you the information whatever you need, because they are professional, experienced and licensed, even our guide is from Indonesia tourist guides association.
Meeting Point
For departure tour Krakatau and Ujung Kulon, we start/end from Carita Beach. We depart from Marina Lippo Carita. Your vehicle (Car) will be parked safely because it is guarded by security guard.
Optional Tour
We do not only arrange tour to Krakatoa Volcano but also to Ujung Kulon National Park, Panaitan Island (surfing trip), Baduy and even overland tour (Java-Bali), all of them depends on request.
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The directorate general of tourism is encouraging all those associated with the tourist industry, to make known worldwide, Indonesian potential for tourism and scientific study, one of Indonesia’s treasures is, of course, the tour Krakatau volcano trip and trip Ujung Kulon National Park tour which extends across the Sunda strait to include the active Krakatau volcano adventures Indonesia. On August 27th, 1983 the minister of tourism, post and telecommunications, and the Governor of Banten (West java) signed a memorial stone marking the centenary of the devastating Krakatau eruption in 1883. This memorial can be viewed by visitors to Carita beach. No visit to Indonesia can be complete without a visit and adventures Ujung Kulon tour, Badui tour/Baduy tour and Krakatau tour, "the volcano that shook the world", simply 206 years ago. A television film has been made about the fatal eruption, identifying environmental repercussions to date. It has been shown worldwide since "1983". You visit will be "Adventure tourism", it will take 1 and half hours with fast Boat trip to Krakatau/Krakatoa tour departure from Carita-Anyer Beach. The track up Anak Krakatoa tour could take 40 minutes to first level. Krakatautrail tour and travel has produced a recommended itinerary for your visit which will minimize any risks involved with your adventure. We ask your cooperation however in preserving this unique natural monument to nature. Continuing study and research into this naturally developing life. Future generations will wish to travel to Krakatoa to enjoy the awe inspiring silence and moon like Landscape of trip Anak Krakatau tour during its "Sleeping" periods. During active periods even the adventures are we can see the red lava at night from Old Krakatau tour (Rakata), its realy interesting because we could hear the crack like Thunder.

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To anyone interested in natural processes, Krakatau trip is one of the most fascinating areas in the World. The cataclysmic eruption of 1883 captures the imagination. And spectacular volcanic activity continues to the present. To those interested in biology in the way Islands are colonized by plants and animals, not only the island from which life was eradicated by the 1883 Eruption, but also the new island of Anak Krakatau tour the area holds a unique attraction.

In the past this group of tour Krakatoa trip is a volcano that high as 200 m, but with the occurrence of the eruption has break into three parts which later on known Rakata island, Long Island, and Island Seretung. Once that happens more eruptions on the seabed so bring 2 small volcanic island of Rakata are united mountain Perbuatan and Mount Danan. The most legendary summit eruption occurred on 27 August 1883, exactly at 06.42 Monday successive explosions and achieve its peak at 10:02, accompanied by bursts of explosion gray pole scatter Singapore and even Australia, sea water to form pairs of giant waves with a height reach 19-30 m, sweeping and destroying the Merak and the bay Betung. Eruption ended at 17:00, after darkness had large areas during two days and two nights, casualties recorded over 36,000 people.

Krakatoa eruption in 1883 had a power 10,000 times greater than the bomb blast atoms in Hirosima (Japan). After the eruption, mount Danan and mount Perbuatan disappeared. And in 1927 came from the middle of kaledra new Volcano is now known as the trip Anak Krakatoa tour. We have high Mount tour Anak Krakatau trip more than 300 m, and diameter of about 2 km.

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