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Regarding the important of tourism development, we created of tour service based on experiences and qualified Skill, Rakata Tourist Information. We serve all visitors all over the world by very help full staff and various services such as: Krakatau tour, Ujung Kulon tour, Surfing tour, Badui Tribe, Waterfall, and JavaBail overland tour.
Rakata Tourist Information is an organizer tour which based on much dedication and experiences. Grows up and developed as long as 12 years in Tourism service/business.
Rakata Tourist Information is a Tourist Information service, to helps visitor get information Due to tour around Java especially. We created to an alternative to those who are willing to travel with best services and efficient time as well easiest. Rakata Tourist Information is the only one a team with English spoken guide in Carita.
Rakata Tourist Information is a local tour Operator located in Carita Beach Banten-Indonesia. And other name of Rakata Tourist Service. Managed by young Professional in Tourism Business especially in Sunda Strait area. The Team are expert, and has been working as long as 12 years up to Present. Rakata Tourist Information recognized by Banten Guide association, Tourism board of Pandeglang Regency, as well supported by, Ujung Kulon National Park, also World Wild Life Fund [officer].
Visi/Mission: In helping improvement of region tourism image, and support the government much in accommodating visitor, either National and International.
Giving an easier access to get information about Tour-travel in Banten as west java tour destination in general.
Follow to protecting, and preserving in Natural and environment, all do contributing income, in tourism sector.
Indonesian Tourist Guide Association
Rakata Tour Operator & Information Service
Jln. Raya Carita Labuan Km.09, Pandeglang
Banten (West Java)

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