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Rakata Hotel Carita

Rakata Hotel is one of the hotels in myrtle location at Carita beach very strategies, either from the beach, markets, and banks (ATM). So for those who want a vacation to the Carita beach please stay in the hotel Rakata, because Rakata Hotel has standard price, not only that facilitated Rakata Hotel with restaurant and meeting rooms.
In summer Hotel Rakata one of the main targets for foreign travelers, both from European, American, and others, because here ther is tourist information service, in which there is some local guide who speaks English, ready to deliver to your particular interested in visiting Anak Krakatau, Ujung Kulon, Badui Tribes, even to drive you to the Java - Bali (over land).
Rooms Rates:
Type Room
Family Room - Air Conditioner
Rp. 270,000,-
Rp. 340,000,-
  - Bath Room    
  - Television    
Single Room - Air Conditioner
Rp. 200,000,-
Rp. 250,000,-
  - Bath Room    
  - Television    
Single Room - Fan
Rp. 120,000,-
Rp. 145,000,-
Includes: Breakfast
rakata hotel carita reception reception
reception type a family room type b single room
type c single room rooms rooms
Address: Jln. Raya Carita-Labuan Km.09
Banten (West Java)


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